Naxville is owned by two roommates in college, and that means any help paying for the server is always appeciated! Any money donated will go towards paying our quarterly bills or upgrading the server! The more money we get, the more players we can have on and the less lag! There are also in-game rewards for donating!



If you do choose to donate to the server, below is a table of the awesome rewards you get in game. Contact a staff member to receive your rewards.

Donated Rewards
Patron Title
$30 Super Patron Title

Remember, donating is not required, and the server will always be free. Any donations you make will fill our hearts with love, which trickles back into the server through love straws! If you donate, there are no refunds unless it's something like, "WOOPS NAX I DONATED $5,000!?" or something silly. Please note you still have to follow the rules if you donate. We take donations, not bribes.

Help in other ways

Want to help us without paying a cent? Bump our threads on the forum! Tell your friends about the server! We want everyone on, having fun, building a great community.

Reply to this Minecraft forum thread! This will attract more beautiful people with hilarious skins and witty comments!