New Features
XP Mode

Windows 7 has a new feature that Microsoft hopes to put an end to the upgrade issues that companies have switching from Windows XP. This feature is called XP Mode. It can only be used on Windows 7 Proffesional, Business, and Ultimate. It allows you run a program as if you were on Windows XP, but you are still on Windows 7.

To use XP Mode, you must have a computer processor that supports hardware-assited virtualization with Intel VT or AMD-V. Microsoft offers a free utility that determines if your computer processor supports hardware virtualization and that it is turned on. To download the tool, visit the website mentioned below.

XP Mode also requires virtual PC software. Microsoft also offers this for free called Windows Virtual PC. You must install Windows Virtual PC before XP Mode. Windows Virtual PC has some new features such as USB support, cut and paste seamlessly from XP to 7, and easy set up of XP Mode.

Internet Explorer in XP Mode Virtual PC is installed, you can install XP Mode. XP Mode allows you to use programs that might not work on Windows 7 but do work on Windows XP. XP Mode allows you to virtually run Windows XP from Windows 7, removing the issues of program compatibility issues seen in Windows Vista.

Required Programs/Files
 - Virtualization Detection Tool
 - Windows Virtual PC & XP Mode