New Features
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There are many new features included in Windows 7. You may have seen commercials on television where people talk about a new feature in Windows 7 and how it was their idea. Here is a breif list and explanation of each feature.

New Features in Windows 7
HomeGroup makes networking at home easy for everyone. HomeGroup allows you to easily share music, pictures, videos, and printers with out the hassle of setting up a network. Simply place the files in the appropriate library and you are done. What about security you ask? HomeGroup requires a password to be entered for someone to join your group.
Windows 7 HomeGroup feature
Memory Usage
Ever had a problem where your PC became so slow because you had so many windows open? Well guess what! Windows 7 has been improved to run on less Random Access Memory (RAM) and use less processor power by running fewer programs in the bakground.
Windows 7 Memory Usage
Pin is a new feature that allows you to place frequently used programs on the taskbar for easy access. The taskbar has also been redesigned and now allows you to sort programs and move their location on the taskbar.
Windows 7 Pin feature
Play To
Play to is a new feature for sharing media to computers in your home network. It allows you to play media on a computer in another room from your computer, just by right clicking the file and selecting Play to.
Windows 7 Play To feature
Snap is a new feature that "snaps" windows to the left or right side of the screen. Users drag the window to the far left or far right of the screen and it will snap the window to that side and takes up exactly half the screen. Basically, it is arrangeing two windows side by side instantly.
Windows 7 Snap feature
Windows Touch
Windows Touch builds off of previous Window's editions touch screen and now is useable everywhere on your PC. It also supports multi-touch, using more than one finger.
Windows 7 Touch feature