Tier 3 perks are the third and final set of perks a user can choose. This group is yellow. There are six different perks: Commando, Ninja, SitRep, Steady Aim, Scrambler, Last Stand. Place your mouse over each icon to see the Pro version of it.


The Commando Perk
The Commando perk increases increases knifing distance from 128 inches to 304 inches.
Commando Pro is acheived once the user gets 20 melee kills. Commando Pro prevents you from taking any damage from falling from great heights.

Steady Aim

The Steady Aim Perk
The Steady Aim perk increases hip fire accuracy by reducing the size of the crosshairs by 35%.
Steady Aim Pro is unlocked by getting eighty hip fire kills with the perk. Steady Aim Pro lets you hold your breath longer when using a sniper rifle.


The Scrambler Perk
The Scrambler perk jams enemy radar in a small area surrounding you.
Scrambler Pro is unlocked by getting fifty close range kills. Scrambler Pro delays enemy claymores going off from .75 to three seconds.


The Ninja Perk
Ninja is a new perk that hides a user from enemy heartbeat sensors. This perk is usually used for the Pro version.
Ninja Pro is unlocked after getting 50 close-quarter kills. Ninja Pro reduces your movement noises by 75%.


The SitRep Perk
The SitRep perk allows the user to see enemy grenades or other equipment easier. They appear to be a crimson red and are visible through walls.
SitRep Pro is destroying 120 enemy equipment like C4, Claymores, and Tactical Insertions. SitRep Pro increases enemy footsteps and reduces the sound of teammates.

Last Stand

The Last Stand Perk
The Last Stand perk gives you a second chance to kill an enemy by falling to the ground and pulling out your pistol. You have ten seconds of life before dying, with the option of killing yourself sooner.
Last Stand Pro is unlocked by getting twenty kills with Last Stand. Last Stand Pro allows the user to use equipment.