Killstreaks are things that help you throughout and reward you for getting so many kills and not dying. The more kills required for a killstreak, the more helpful it is. The lowest killstreak reward is the UAV recon and the highest is the Tactical Nuke. There are a total of 15 killstreak rewards. This list contains the middle 5; Harrier Strike, Attack Helicopter, Emergency Airdrop, Pave Low, and Stealth Bomber.

7 - Harrier Strike

The Harrier Strike Killstreak
The Harrier Strike is usually the first killstreak used to get a Tactical Nuke. The Harrier becomes able at seven kills in a row. When acheived, the user gets a laptop where they can designate where the harriers should attack. Unlike the Precision Airstrike, you cannot set what direction the harriers fly in from. There are three harriers that fly in. The first two will bomb the targeted area, helping get a few kills if placed properly. The third one will slowly fly in and stop of the target area. It will then use its mounted gun to shot enemies. Cold-Blooded users will not be targeted. If an enemy helicopter is in the area, the harrier wil fire missiles at it and destroy it. Harriers can be destroyed with Launchers like a Stinger.

7 - Attack Helicopter

The Attack Helicopter Killstreak
The Attack Helicopter is a seven killstreak reward. Once acheived, the user receives a remote that signals the attack helicopter to come in. Task Force 141, Rangers, and SEALs use the AH-1W(4B) Super Cobra. Militia, OpFor, and Spetsnaz use the Mi-24 Hind. It will fly in and circle the map looking for enemies and shoot them. The attack helicopter isn't usually used because it doesn't get a lot of kills due to how easy it is shot down. Attack Helicopters will not see Cold-Blooded users and can be shot down by any launchers.

8 - Emergency Airdrop

The Emergency Airdrop Killstreak
The Emergency Airdrop is the only eight killstreak reward. when acheived, the user gets a red smoke bomb like the Care Package. Remember to look up for any overlying roofs and make sure you have plenty of room in front of you cause that's where the packages will fall. Instead of a little helicopter flying in and dropping one crate, an AC130 will fly in and drop four care package crates in a line in front of you. This is a risky killstreak as enemy players love to steal the packages because there are so many. The plane cannot be shot down, even with a Predator Missile.

9 - Pave Low

The Pave Low Killstreak
The Pave Low is one of two killstreaks requiring nine kills. When at a nine killstreak, the user gets a remote device like the Attack Helicopter that signals the MH-53 Pave Low to fly in. The Pave Low can get a lot of kills reletively fast because of the two gunners. Cold-Blooded users will not be attacked and Pave Lows can be taken down with Launchers or Predator Missiles. Do not call in a Pave Low if your team has a Harrier in the sky. A Stinger will destroy both the Harrier and Pave Low in one shot, plus they steal each other's kills. Enemy Harrier's will destroy the Pave Low. It is also possible to destroy a Pave Low with a throwing knife if it is throw in the right spot.

9 - Stealth Bomber

The Stealth Bomber Killstreak
The Stealth Bomber is the other reward requiring a nine killstreak. When at nine, the user gets a laptop like the Precision Airstrike and can aim which way the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber flys in from and carpet bombs the map. It can cover a large area of the map so plan according. Also, make sure you do not call it over yourself because it can kill you. This can be a very effective killstreak on open maps when the enemy is all in close proximity. The Stealth Bomber cannot be destroyed.