Killstreaks are things that help you throughout and reward you for getting so many kills and not dying. The more kills required for a killstreak, the more helpful it is. The lowest killstreak reward is the UAV recon and the highest is the Tactical Nuke. There are a total of 15 killstreak rewards. This list contains the first six; UAV Recon, Care Package, Counter-UAV, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile, and Precision Airstrike.

3 - UAV

The UAV Killstreak
The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the easiest killstreak to get at just three kills. The UAV is a reconnaissance predator drone that tracks enemies and displays them as a red dot on your team's map. A player using the Cold-Blooded perk will not show up as a red dot. There are two ways to destroy an enemy UAV. The first is to shoot down the predator drone in the sky. This can be done by just shooting at it or using a Launcher. The second method is to use a Counter-UAV, discuessed later on. This jams enemy maps and they appear as static.

4 - Care Package

The Care Package Killstreak
The Care Package is one of the more popular killstreaks. At just four kills, the player has the ability to get almost any killstreak randomly. You can get any killstreak except another Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Tactical Nuke. When a person gets a four killstreak, they get a red smoke bomb that designates where they want the care package to be delivered. If not placed properly, the package can get stuck on roofs or outside maps so look up before placing. A Little Bird helicopter will fly in and drop the package. It is possible to shoot down the helicopter, although extremely hard. If it is shot down, the package will fall where it was shot down. Anyone can take the care package once it is on the ground. The person who called it in can recover it in about a second while everyone else will have to spend about five seconds recovering it.

4 - Counter-UAV

The Counter-UAV Killstreak
The Counter-UAV killstreak can be obtained after getting four kills. The Counter-UAV is a predator drone that jams enemy radar and changes their map to static. There is only one way to take out a Counter-UAV. You can shoot down the predator drone in the sky or use a Launcher.

5 - Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun Killstreak
The Sentry Gun killstreak is at five kills. When a user gets the Sentry Gun reward, they get a red smoke bomb like a Care Package. The helicopter flies in and drops a care package containing a sentry gun. They can then place the sentry gun anywhere they want. Typically, you want to place it where it can get a lot of kills and is hard to destroy it. A sentry gun can be destroyed instantly by knifing it. It can be shot at but can take some time to destroy. The best way to take out a sentry gun is to come up behind it or use the cold-blooded perk. Also, sentry guns can be temporarily disabled by using flash or stun grenades.

5 - Predator Missile

The Predator Missile Killstreak
The Predator Missile is one of the more popular killstreaks obtained at five kills. At five kills, the user gets a laptop that controls where the predator missile goes. The user is in control of a Hellfire AGM (Air to Ground Missile) that appears to be fired out of the blue. Enemy players will have a red box around their body to help see them. If they use the Cold-Blooded perk, there will by no red box. Many players who see a missile coming in run for cover in a building. It is sometimes possible to get them through a doorway or window. Predator Missiles are often used to take out enemy aircrapt like Pave Lows or Chopper Gunners.

6 - Precision Airstrike

The Precision Airstirke Killstreak
The Precision Airstrike is the first killstreak to use planes at six kills. A precision airstrike consists of three F-15 fighter jets flying in and bombing the area. Once at six kills, the user gets a laptop that lets them choose where on the map the airstrike should go and in what direction. It helps to have a teammate call in a UAV so you know where the enemy is. This ensures that you have it precisely where you want it. There is no way to destroy this killstreak as they are in and out before you know it.