An Elevator on Sub Base

Before the Stimulus Package update, there were glitches in the multiplayer maps where you could rise up like you were in an elevator. Users could then jump outside of the maps in certain elevators and be almost impossible to kill. It could become an extreme pain for enemies when someone used an elevator and was using One Man Army. This would allow the user to have infinite ammo. Another common practice was to use Tactical Insertions, a flare that marks where you will respawn. This would help ensure the player would not spawn back inside the map and would always be in the elevator or outside the map.

Doing an eleveator for the first time takes some practice and patience. Once you have practiced, it can be very easy to do. To do an elevator, you must stand in front of the elevator area. You must aim slightly to the right. You then have to change your Stick Layout to Legacy Southpaw. This prevents you from moving forward or backward while doing the elevator. You must then lay down and move all the way to the right and try to stand up. If you can, go all the way to the left. You may have to mess with the height you are looking at my aiming up or down more. When you find a spot where you cannot stand up, move to where you can stand up. The elevator is between where you can and cannot stand up. If you find the right spot, you will automatically begin rising up as if you were in an elevator. Do not move when going up as you will instantly fall back down. Change your Stick Layout back to normal. If you have a Tactical Insertion, place it at the top of the elevator. Some areas allow you to move around, like if you are on top of a building. You will fall down in certain areas, which is why it is wise to have the Tactical Insertion so you do not have to do the elevator over again.